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Cloverhill Prison Visiting Committee. (2012) Cloverhill Prison Visiting Committee annual report 2011. Dublin: Department of Justice and Equality.

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Drugs (p.22)
We wish to highlight our disappointment that the passive drug detection dog continues to be no longer used during the week in conjunction with the search procedures. We reiterate our recommendation first expressed in the 2010 report and expressed to Mr Brian Purcell when we met him that Cloverhill receives a full time dog this year. Whilst we accept that the visits here are generally screened, it is felt by the committee that the presence of the dog acts as a deterrent.

Again this year we received a number of complaints from prisoners who objected to their visitors being searched because there were screen visits here. All visitors and staff who enter Cloverhill prison are searched including the visiting committee.

The committee have always recognised screen visits as a proven efficient non confrontational method, together with the netting on the exercise yard, for reducing and stopping drugs being smuggled into prison. Whilst on a humanitarian level screen visits restrict contact with a prisoner’s family and friends, it is in our opinion for the greater good. The smuggling in of drugs continues to remain a problem in the prison system.

In our 2008 report we first suggested and strongly recommended exploring the possibility of establishing a Drug Free unit within this prison and again we strongly suggest exploring the possibly of doing a feasibility study. We are disappointed to note that there has been no developments in this area but accept that this may be difficult on a Practical level in a predominately remand setting.

Merchant Quay Addiction Counsellors (p23)
Addiction counsellors from Merchants Quay are now fully operational here since December 2008. They provide an on site addiction counsellng service in Cloverhill as part of the "Keeping Drugs out of Prison Strategy" (2005).

The aims and objectives of the counselling service is the delivery of high quality addiction counselling services offering evidence-based counselling interventions with clearly defined care plans and goals. The service is provided by Accredited Addiction Counsellors. Counselling interventions include: brief interventions; motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement therapy; 12-step facilitation programme; relapse prevention; cognitive–behavioural therapy; development of alternative coping strategies and harm reduction approaches. The counselling service continues to work within international best practice; in the model of 'Continuum of care'.

The Cloverhill Prison counselling team consists of 1 full time counsellor and a volunteer counsellor since November who works two days a week. The team leader is based in Wheatfield Prison. They have reported to us that their ccess to clients has remained good in 2011 following on from the improvement in 2010.

The service continues to work within a multi-disciplinary setting in the prison and the focus continues to be on care and case management. The service continues to provide a range of counselling interventions and exit strategies where appropriate. Due to the nature of a remand prison, prisoners are often there for a short time. Relapse prevention and brief focus interventions and exit strategies are an integral part of the interventions for the clients.

Referrals come from The Psychiatric Team, The Methadone Team, The Chaplains, Governor and his officers or prisoners may self refer. The method of self referral is becoming more frequent as the service is becoming more widely known throughout the prison community as a valuable resource and support for those motivated to move into recovery from Addiction. Once referred, the client is usually assessed within one week and if meeting all the assessment criteria is taken on the counsellor’s caseload immediately.

Statistic supplied by the counselling services show that in 2011 they assessed 181 clients. And had a total caseload 231 new clients some of which were assessed in 2010 and were not seen till early in the New Year. They provided a total of 735 counselling session throughout 2011 and there was a total client contact of 968.

The committee received no complaint about the service in 2011. We did see a number of prisoners who informed us that they were seeing the addiction counsellors. This is an area we will continue to be monitored during 2012.

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