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Keane, Martin (2011) The role of education in developing recovery capital in recovery from substance addiction. Dublin: Soilse Drug Rehabilitation Project.

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This report is derived from an analysis of data from 20 in-depth interviews with individuals in recovery from substance addiction; the data was collected as part of a wider study that explored how people recover from drug addiction and how they manage the process of social reintegration. The report focuses on the role of adult education in the process of addiction recovery; specifically looking at academic education rather than vocational education.

Recent policy developments at national level have focused on promoting the use of education in addiction recovery and this report represents a first-step investigation into the role of education in addiction recovery as no other study can be located that has explored this topic. The Working Group on Drugs Rehabilitation (2007) recognises that accessing education is an essential step in the continuum of care for recovering drug users. In line with the recommendations outlined in the report of the Working Group, a National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework has been published by Doyle and Ivanovic (2010). This Framework has been constructed to enhance the provision of rehabilitation services to current and former drug users and includes a role for those responsible in meeting the education needs of participants.

According to the authors of the Framework, ‘The provision of rehabilitation pathways is a shared responsibility of the education, training and employment sectors alongside the health, welfare and housing sector, non-governmental organizations, communities, families and the individual themselves’. The EU Drugs Strategy 2005-2012 and the EU Drugs Action Plan 2009-2012 encourages member states to support recovering drug users to access education so as to improve their chances of achieving social reintegration. According to the Alcohol and Drug Research Unit of the Health Research Board (2009) at least a fifth of all cases reporting for treatment for problematic substance misuse in 2008 were early school-leavers. Haase and Pratschke (2010) reported that substance use is more common (with the exception of alcohol) among early school leavers than among school attendees.

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