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[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife The hub and spoke model (Opioid Treatment Review). (03 Jun 2011)

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A whole series of safeguards will have to be put in place if level 2-trained GPs attending users in Garda stations are to have out-of-hours access to the Central Treatment List (CTL), Dr John O’Connor, Consultant Psychiatrist in Substance Misuse and Clinical Director at the Drug Treatment Centre Board (DTCB), has stated.

In a submission to the Opioid Treatment Review, the Board said that in order to have treatment expansion, consideration needed to be given to access the CTL outside normal 9-5 working hours. “Obviously the information is highly confidential, so it needs to be worked out who has and has not access to the CTL and in what circumstances, in order to protect patient confidentiality,” commented Dr O’Connor.

Author of the review, Prof Michael Farrell, recommended enhancing online access to the CTL out-of-hours and introducing electronic treatment cards. The DTCB itself recommended the introduction of a client PPS number as a unique identifier.


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