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International Narcotics Control Board. (2011) Narcotic drugs: estimated world requirements for 2011, statistics for 2009. New york: United Nations.

PDF (INCB Narcotic Drugs estimates 2011) - Published Version

The technical data on narcotic drugs are published for control purposes and to meet the needs of researchers, enterprises and the general public. They are based on information furnished by Governments to the Board in accordance with the relevant provisions of the 1961 Convention. The adherence by countries and territories to that Convention and the status of receipt of information (statistics and estimates) by the Board from their Governments are reflected in part two of this technical report.

The publication of estimates is necessary, inter alia, in order to inform Governments of the limits within which international trade in and manufacture of narcotic drugs may be conducted during a given year. The publication of statistical data (part four of this technical report) provides information for analytical purposes, inter alia, on the avail ability and use of narcotic drugs in various countries and territories. The publication of estimates and statistics on production, manufacture, stocks and utilization of narcotic drugs is also intended to furnish producing and manufacturing countries with information on prospective trends, in order to encourage them to adjust their plans in a manner that will enable them to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

Part one. General information
Part two. Status of adherence to international conventions on narcotic drugs and receipt of statistics (2009) and estimates (2011)
Part three. Estimated requirements of narcotic drugs
Part four. Statistical information on narcotic drugs
- Comments on the reported statistics on narcotic drugs
- Supply of opiate raw materials and demand for opiates for medical and scientific purposes
- Tables of reported statistics, 2005-2009
Part five. Comparative statement of estimates and statistics for 2009

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