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TUE Therapeutic Use Exemption
ISTUE International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions

The World Anti-Doping Code, published by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), harmonises anti-doping regulations across all sports and in all countries. This Code includes a list of substances and methods which are prohibited in sport. Some of these substances are contained in medicinal products marketed in Ireland.
However, in recognition of the fact that some prohibited substances may be necessary for legitimate medical treatment, the code permits athletes and their physicians to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

Abbreviated TUEs which existed under a previous system are no longer valid.

Athletes should be advised to declare the use of all medications and supplements taken in the 14 days prior to the drug test on the doping control form (regardless if they have completed and submitted a TUE).

If a medication requires a TUE, athletes on the Irish Sports Council Registered Testing Pool must apply for a TUE before using the substance (a Pre-Test TUE); athletes not on the Registered Testing Pool may take the substance, and if required apply for a Post-Test TUE, but should ensure that a medical file for use of the medication is in place. Athletes who compete at an International Level should check and comply with the TUE requirements of their International Federation. Full details, TUE form and guidelines on the TUE Policy are available at www.irishsportscouncil.ie/tue.

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