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Shapiro, Harry (2010) The media guide to drugs: key facts and figures for journalists. London: Drugscope .

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DrugScope is very proud to present The media guide to drugs: key facts and figures for journalists. This new guide is intended to be a resource for journalists working across all media. The guide contains an A to Z of drugs, including information on what substances look like, how they are used, what effects they have and how many people use them in the United Kingdom. The essential Q&A section covers key topics such as how to find the latest statistics and how to avoid common myths. The guide also incorporates a discussion on reporting drug issues responsibly, non-sensationally and without contributing to the stigma faced by people with drug problems.

Table of contents:
About DrugScope
Overview of the UK drug scene
The A–Z of drugs
• Amphetamine
• Amyl nitrite
• Anabolic steroids
• BZP (Benzylpiperazine)
• Cocaine and crack
• Ecstasy
• GHB and GBL
• Heroin
• Ketamine
• Khat
• Magic mushrooms
• Methamphetamine
• Mephedrone and other cathinones
• Methadone
• Solvents
• Tranquillisers
Reporting on drug use
Drug Q&A
• General information about the effects and risks of using drugs
• Drug statistics: how to find the figures
• Cannabis: some key questions
• What’s the [UK] government doing about drugs?
Drugs and the law
Drug treatment
Drug education and prevention

Item Type:Book
Pages:74 p.
Place of Publication:London
Accession Number:HRB (Electronic Only)
Subjects:A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Effects and consequences
B Substances > Cannabis / Marijuana
B Substances > Drugs and alcohol in general
B Substances > Alcohol
B Substances > Hallucinogens
B Substances > Hallucinogens > LSD
B Substances > Hallucinogens > Mushrooms
B Substances > Inhalants and solvents
B Substances > Sedatives or tranquillisers (CNS depressants)
B Substances > CNS stimulants
B Substances > CNS stimulants > Amphetamines
B Substances > CNS stimulants > Methamphetamine
B Substances > CNS stimulants > MDMA > Ecstasy
B Substances > CNS stimulants > Khat
B Substances > CNS stimulants > BZP (Benzylpiperazine) (other piperazines)
B Substances > CNS stimulants > Synthetic cathinones > Mephedrone
B Substances > Cocaine
B Substances > Opioids (opiates)
B Substances > New (novel) psychoactive substances
B Substances > New (novel) psychoactive substances > GHB (Gamma hydroxybutyric acid)
MM-MO Crime and law > Substance use laws
N Communication, information and education > Message (portrayal of substance use) > Portrayal of substance use in the media
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom

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