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Muhlack, Emma and Carter, Drew and Braunack-Mayer, Annette and Morfidis, Nicholas and Eliot, Jaklin [Pubmed Central] . (2018) Constructions of alcohol consumption by non-problematised middle-aged drinkers: a qualitative systematic review. Springer. BMC Public Health, 18 (1069)

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McNeely, Jennifer and Kumar, Pritika C and Rieckmann, Traci and Sedlander, Erica and Farkas, Sarah and Chollak, Christine and Kannry, Joseph L and Vega, Aida and Waite, Eva A and Peccoralo, Lauren A and Rosenthal, Richard N and McCarty, Dennis and Rotrosen, John [Pubmed Central] . (2018) Barriers and facilitators affecting the implementation of substance use screening in primary care clinics: a qualitative study of patients, providers, and staff. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, 13 (1)

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Choo, Esther and Guthrie, K Morrow and Mello, Michael and Wetle, Terrie F and Ranney, Megan and Tapé, Chantal and Zlotnick, Caron [Pubmed Central] . (2016) "I need to hear from women who have 'been there'": Developing a woman-focused intervention for drug use and partner violence in the emergency department. Partner Abuse, 7 (2)

van der Stel, Jaap [Pubmed Central] . (2015) Precision in addiction care: does it make a difference? Yale. The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 88 (4) 415.

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