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van der Stel, Jaap [Pubmed Central] . (2015) Precision in addiction care: does it make a difference? Yale. The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 88 (4) 415.

URL: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC46541...

This perspective article explores the possibilities of precision in addiction care -- even better individually fitted or tailor-made care -- and examines what changes we need to make in order to realize sensible progress in epidemiological key figures. The first part gives a short review on the development of addiction care and tries to answer the question of where we stand now and what has been achieved in addiction science through the development and evaluation of interventions in the past decades. Following this analysis, attention will be paid to what lies ahead. This second part focuses on the question of how addiction care can deal with the consequences of the emerging paradigm of personalized or precision medicine, which is based on the fundamental assumption that individual differences matter. Finally, some limitations and conditions as well as tasks and goals for progress are raised. In conclusion, it is argued that integration of addiction care in (mental) health care in the future is desirable.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Drug Type:Alcohol or other drugs in general
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, Education and training
Source:Pubmed Central
Date:December 2015
Page Range:pp. 415-22
Subjects:G Health and disease > Substance related disorder > Dual diagnosis (comorbidity)
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Health services, substance use research
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