Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment & rehabilitation

Some key documents

(2021) EMCDDA Best practice portal.  
The portal is a resource for workers in the areas of drug-related prevention, treatment, harm reduction and social reintegration. You can find the latest evidence (what works and what doesn't work) - guidelines, standards and tools (instruments and questionnaires).


(2021) Alcohol Matrix: Evidence for effective treatment.  
The Alcohol Matrix is concerned with the treatment of alcohol-related problems among adults.


(2019) Drug Matrix: Evidence for effective treatment.
The Drug Matrix is concerned with the treatment of problems related to the use of illegal drugs by adults


(2019) Treatment services for people with co-occurring substance use and mental health problems


(2018) “Just maintaining the status quo”? The experience of long-term participants in methadone maintenance treatment and summary


(2017) The effectiveness of interventions related to the use of illicit drugs: prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery. A ‘review of reviews’. Full text


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