Social Workers

Social Workers

Some key documents

(2020) The engagement of young people in drug interventions in coercive contexts: findings from a cross-national European study

(2019) What enhances the formation of social bonds & facilitates better engagement & retention in an addiction service? 


(2019) “Bury don’t discuss”: the help-seeking behaviour of family members affected by substance-use disorders - summary


(2018) An examination of lengthy, contested and complex child protection cases in the District Court


(2017) Improvement knowledge and skills guide. Development Assessment Tool for all staff


(2017) Researching social work practice close up: using ethnographic and mobile methods to understand encounters between social workers, children and families.  


(2017) Strengths-based social work practice with adults


(2016) The effectiveness of social work with adults. A systematic scoping review


(2015) Alcohol and other drug use: the roles and capabilities of social workers.  


See the Drug and Alcohol Findings website for the drug treatment matrix and alcohol treatment matrix 

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