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Health issues

Some key documents

(2017) Health in Ireland key trends 2017. Full text


(2017) State of health in the EU: Ireland. Country health profile 2017 Full text


(2017) Frequently asked questions: supervised injecting facilities. HSE website


(2017) New psychoactive substances: Current health-related practices and challenges in responding to use and harms in Europe. The International Journal of Drug Policy, Link


(2017) The health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids: the current state of evidence and recommendations for research. Full text


(2016) Improving prison conditions by strengthening the monitoring of HIV, HCV, TB and harm reduction. Mapping report Ireland. Full text/ summary


(2016) Preventing children and young people’s mental health and substance use problems. Full text


(2014) People who inject drugs: infection risks, guidance and data. Full text 


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