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Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems. [SHAAP] (2014) Alcohol and cancer risks: a guide for health professionals. Edinburgh: Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems. 16 p.

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This guide has been produced to summarise for Health Professionals the links between alcohol consumption and cancers, so that they can use opportunities in their work to intervene to reduce the risks. It was produced following an expert workshop which was convened by SHAAP.

Public and professional awareness of the links between alcohol and cancer is low in Scotland. Elsewhere in Europe and in North America and Australia professional and public awareness of cancer risks from alcohol is higher.

The role of health professionals
Some clinicians can feel uncomfortable about raising the issue of alcohol consumption with patients. However, evidence from many sources suggests that patients are accepting of tactful or empathetic inquiry about aspects of their lifestyle which may have an impact on their health. Health professionals are well placed to raise the level of awareness with their patients and clients as part of a comprehensive review of health and lifestyle. Most patient and clients welcome guidance and support to help them find the motivation to improve their health and wellbeing. Reducing alcohol consumption is often only one of a number of changes that could be made to improve quality of life but it is one that is achievable.

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