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Some key documents


(2017) Drug and Alcohol Trends Monitoring System (DATMS) 2017 Full text

The Drug and Alcohol Trends Monitoring System (DATMS) provides up-to-date information about drug and alcohol use among people living in Dublin 15.


(2015) A practical guide to including seldom-heard children and young people in decision making. Full text

This Toolkit provides an ‘Overview and Context’ as well as the ‘Benefits of including Seldom-heard Children and Young People in Decision-. The ‘Role of Management in ensuring the participation of seldom-heard children and young people’ is then outlined.


(2014) Patients. parents. people. Towards integrated supports and services for families experiencing mental health difficulties. Full text Summary

One of the recommendations of this report is to promote policies and improve practice across adult and children’s systems that consider the needs of the whole family instead of seeing their service users in isolation.


(2014) Multidimensional family therapy for adolescent drug users: a systematic review. Full text 

This EMCDDA Paper focuses on a form of inclusive therapy that involves the young person, their family and their environment. The Multidimensional family therapy delivers promising results that are visible both during therapy and after it has ended.


(2014) The impact of alcohol use disorders on family life: a review of the empirical literature. Full text

This report focused specifically on harms inflicted by the problematic consumption of alcohol on members of the family, particularly spouses and children, and on the functioning of the family unit as a whole.


(2013) Someone to care: the mental health needs of children and young people in the care and youth justice system. Full text 

This report hears from eight young adults who have been through the care system and yet show remarkable resilience.


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