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Some key documents


(2020) Building the capacity for the evaluation of social prescribing: an evaluability assessment. Full text


(2020) Clinical guidelines for opioid substitute treatment. Guidance document for OST in the hospital setting. Full text


(2019) Rates of reported codeine-related poisonings and codeine prescribing following new national guidance in Ireland. Full text summary


(2019) "Do as we say, not as we do?" the lifestyle behaviours of hospital doctors working in Ireland: a national cross-sectional study. Full text


(2019) Repeat prescribing of strong opioids in Irish general practice. Full text


(2018) An online survey of Irish general practitioner experience of and attitude toward managing problem alcohol use. Full text


(2018) Cannabis for medical use information for patients and healthcare professionals. Full text


(2018) ICGP submission to the Joint Committee on Health on prescribing pattern monitoring and the audit of usage and effectiveness trends for prescribed medications. Full text


(2017) SAOR screening and brief intervention for problem alcohol and substance use. Full text /summary


(2017) The effectiveness of interventions related to the use of illicit drugs: prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery. A ‘review of reviews’. Full text




Also, see drug treatment matrix and alcohol treatment matrix

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