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Some key documents

(2016) Community based low threshold substance use services: practitioner approaches and challenges. Full text

Low threshold services are typically provided within community or city settings, either by statutory or community organisations a range of issues have emerged in relation to low threshold service provision.


(2012) Which talking therapies (counselling) work for drug users with alcohol problems? Drugnet Ireland, Issue 44 Summary / Full text

We wanted to determine whether talking therapies have an impact on alcohol problems in adult users of illicit drugs (mainly opiates and stimulants) and whether one type of therapy is more effective than another.


(2015) Perspectives on drugs: The role of psychosocial interventions in drug treatment. EMCDDA  Full text

This analysis explains what the main psychosocial interventions are and to whom they are provided.


(2014) Behaviour change: individual approaches. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Full text

This guidance makes recommendations on individual-level behaviour change interventions aimed at changing the behaviours that can damage people's health.


(2014) Drug Matrix cell B4: Practitioners - psychosocial therapies. Drug and Alcohol Findings and the Substance Misuse Skills Consortium. Full text


See also drug treatment matrix and alcohol treatment matrix

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