This Directory contains information about courses and training programmes on drug misuse for individuals and agencies interested in developing their knowledge, skills and capacity in this field.
There is a wide variety of training available, ranging from single sessions to courses lasting up to three years. Although some courses do not refer directly to drugs or addiction, they may be of interest to those working in this area. Obviously, the depth of coverage of the issues varies considerably, according to the length of the course and the level at which it is aimed. There are also variations in the training methods and in the underlying principles and approaches to issues in drug misuse. A number of courses are offered by multiple providers, so information on a single course may be provided more than once. This enables local providers to give details which may be of interest to those in their area. Information in the Directory has been supplied by a range of sources and this is reflected in the different writing styles and content.
The Directory does not assess or provide information about the quality or relevance of any of the courses listed. Neither the inclusion nor the omission of any course, or the details of any course, should be taken as indicative of any view or opinion of that course held by the staff of the HRB National Drugs Library, the Health Research Board or any other agency.
Course co-ordinators who wish to provide updated information or new courses, please email