Provider: Ana Liffey Drug Project

Address: 51 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Web: http://www.aldp.ie/

Contact: Nichola Corrigan

Title: Project Worker, Quality Standards Support Project

Email: quality@aldp.ie

Telephone: 01 960 3004

Category F : Distance learning or online courses

The overall aim of the Quality Champions Training is to provide key persons in organisations with the skills to become a quality champion in their service. Training is delivered through an interactive eLearning platform. After completing the training, participants should be able to:
• Champion and lead a drive to improve quality in their organisation
• Objectively and accurately assess the sources of policy and practice in their organisation, and what these policies are
• Identify gaps between what their assessment reveals, and what is required of the organisation with reference to agreed quality standards
• Put in place a plan to ensure those gaps are filled, including the provision of a robust review mechanism


The course has five sessions each containing a series of specific learning modules:

Session 1: Introduction to Quality
1. The aim of the training
2. QuADS - Quality in Alcohol and Drug Services
3. The importance of quality
4. Barriers to change
5. Introduction to policy - basics
6. Introduction to policy - service user confidentiality policy
7. Introduction to policy - quality assurance policy
8. Session 1 assessment

Session 2: Organisation Review and Mapping
1. Review and assess
2. Obligations
3. Essential and important policies
4. Identifying the gaps
5. Session 2 assessment

Session 3: Consultation
1. Role and responsibility of the stakeholder
2. Consultation part one
3. Consultation part two
4. Session 3 assessment

Session 4: Policy Writing
1. Components of a policy
2. Researching a policy
3. Adapting a policy
4. Writing a policy
5. Session 4 assessment

Session 5: Implementation and Policy Review
1. Pre-implementation
2. Policy implementation strategy
3. Indicators, barriers and monitoring
4. Reviewing a policy

Target Group

Those who wish to become quality champions in their drug or alcohol organisation.

Entry Requirement

Content is delivered through Moodle - a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) software system and is delivered as a series of multimedia based learning modules over five sessions. You will need a computer or laptop with internet access, and basic computer skills. The training is the equivalent of approximately a half day training. However, as the training is modular based, users can complete the training on a module by module basis.


This course was developed in 2014.

Dates / Availability
Online course
Quality Champions Training is now available. If you would like to sign up for this course please email a request to quality@aldp.ie