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Provider: IICP Education and Training

Address: Killinarden Enterprise Park, Killinarden, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Web: http://www.iicp.ie

Contact: Marcella Finnerty

Title: Course Director

Email: marcella@iicp.ie

Telephone: 01 260 0805 / 086 260 9989

Category B : Certificate (NFQ 5 level) courses

Mindfulness is increasingly recognised as a valuable intervention in counselling internationally. In the field of medicine, more Irish doctors now recommend mindfulness to patients. Millions of people around the world practice mindfulness to enhance their experience of living. Put simply, mindfulness involves continually returning your awareness to your present-moment stream of experience in a non-judgmental way. This very simple approach, though at odds with our normal way of thinking, can be very helpful to people suffering loss, anxiety, stress, depression and other aspects of the human condition.


Course content

  • Definitions and purpose of mindfulness.
  • Exploration of the use of mindfulness with clients.
  • Exploration of the use of mindfulness in your own life.
  • Consideration of the scope and limitations of mindfulness as a therapeutic tool.
  • Opportunities to role-play in triads as therapist, client and observer using participants’ own case work.
  • Opportunities to practice mindfulness during the course days and guidelines for practice at other times.
  • An introduction to the basics of Buddhist psychology from which mindfulness emerged.
  • Understanding how Buddhist psychology ‘fits’ with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other Western approaches.
Target Group

This course is intended for therapists, mental health practitioners and for those professionals who would like to add mindfulness to the range of clinical interventions available to them. Additionally, it is ideal for those who would like to use mindfulness in their own lives.  Participants will gain a rewarding life skill and a valuable tool for intervention.

Entry Requirement

No entry requirements

Selection Procedure
Certificate of completion and transcript of course content and hours for continuing professional development (CPD).
Attendance at all training days is necessary to qualify for the award of the Certificate.
Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (IICP Education and Training)

This course has been organised in response to requests from trainees and professionals who wish to learn more about mindfulness.

Dates / Availability
?Fri 07, 14 & 21 June 2019, OR ?Mon 07, 14, & 21 Oct 2019, This course runs a number of times a year.
Killinarden Enterprise Park, Dublin 24; Silver Springs Hotel, Cork; Eglantine Avenue Belfast
Application form available from contact persons or IICP website listed above.