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Laffoy, Marie and Byrne, G and Scallan, E (2001) Paracetamol availability and overdose in Ireland. Irish Medical Journal , 94 , (7) , pp. 212-214.

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New regulations for the control of paracetamol come into force in October 2001. These are greatly welcomed and should lead to a reduction in paracetamol poisoning. Existing conditions for the sale and supply of paracetamol (Irish Medicines Board (IMB), 1997), which have no statutory basis, state that non-pharmacy outlets should only sell emergency supplies of paracetamol in a maximum pack size of 12 tablets; just one pack should be sold on each occasion2. This study found that non-pharmacy outlets do not comply with these IMB conditions. Paracetamol poisoning remains the most common form of overdose requiring hospital admission in Ireland. Admissions increased by 29% between 1993 and 1999. The new regulations will give effect to the IMB conditions.

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