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McCrystal, Patrick and Higgins, Kathryn and Percy, Andrew (2006) School exclusion drug use and delinquency in adolescence. Journal of Adolescence , 29 , (5) , pp. 829-836.

Fifty-one young people aged 14-15 years considered to be at a high risk to substance abuse and exhibiting antisocial behavior, primarily because they longer attended mainstream school, participated in this research by completing a questionnaire to measure drug use and delinquent behaviour. The findings suggest that many of them may have already developed a high propensity to drug abuse and antisocial behaviour compared with their peers in mainstream education. As they were all excluded from school, they were not accessing school based prevention programmes delivered to their contemporaries at school suggesting that additional and specialized resources are required to fully meet their needs


Item Type:Article
Date:October 2006
Page Range:pp. 829-836
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Accession Number:HRB 4264 (Available)
Subjects:MM-MO Crime and law > Criminality > Youth (juvenile) offending
T Demographic characteristics > Adolescent / youth (teenager / young person)
VA Geographic area > Europe > Northern Ireland
L Social psychology and related concepts > Inclusion and exclusion
T Demographic characteristics > Early school Leaver

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