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Quensel, Stephan and McArdle, Paul and Brinkley, Aoife and Wiegersma, Auke (2002) Broken home or drug using peers: 'significant relations'? Journal of Drug Issues, 32, (2), pp. 467-486.

This study reports the results of a comparative survey with representative samples of 3,386 school attending youths, most of whom were 15 years of age and residing in five European cities. We found significant but low correlations between the type of family structure (intact family, model family, dual career housefhold, single mother) and five forms of deviant behavior (tobacco smoking, cannabis use, delinquency, general drug use and a composite risk behavior scale). These correlations will be displaced by very high correlations with the level of drug using friends/peers. A number of differences were found between the youth from differeent cities in relation to these concerns. Results indicate differences among the cities in terms of the youths' relationships with drug use/deviance/risky behavior and family structure, gender role, and peer group behavior. This suggests that the cultural meanings associated with family, gender role, peer group, and risk behavior influence deviant outcomes.

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