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Bedford, Declan and O'Farrell, Anne and Howell, F (2006) Blood alcohol levels in persons who died from accidents and suicide. Irish Medical Journal , 99 , (3) , pp. 80-83.

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Although it is known that alcohol is associated with a high proportion of fatal accidents and suicides, little information is available in Ireland on blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of those who died. This study was undertaken to identity the (BACs) in persons who died as a result of suicide or injury. The study was a retrospective review of coroners records to identify BACs in three counties in Ireland. All cases where the person died as a result of injury or suicide in 2001 and 2002 were included. There were 129 deaths eligible for inclusion. Of these, 98(76%) were male, 55(42.6%) were road traffic accidents (RTAs), 31 (24.0%) suicides, 12(9.3%) substance misuse, 11(8.5%) house fires and 20(15.5%) others. Of the 55 who died as a result of RTAs, 22 (40%) had positive BACs ranging from 16mg/100ml to 325 mg/100ml. Of the 31 who died as a result of suicide, 28(90.3%) were male. BACs were available for 29(93.5%). Of these, 16(55.5%) had alcohol detected. Persons aged less than 30 years were more likely to have alcohol in their blood (p

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