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Bury, Gerard (1989) Drug problems in Dublin. The Practitioner, 233, pp. 1486-1489.

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This paper overviews the drug problem in Dublin, highlighting the history of heroin use since the late 1970s. Those living in Dublin's inner-city are particularly affected by intravenous drug use; specifically young people who are living in high-density local authority housing, with poor employment and inadequate recreational facilities. The scope of the drug problem in Ireland is hard to define exactly as drug addicts are not registered, although there are thought to be between 3,000 to 15,000 heroin users in Dublin alone. The paper notes that most drug misusers have been arrested and spent time in prison. Figures form the National Virus Reference Laboratory suggest that only 15% of all IV drug users are HIV positive, although a general practice survey suggests it may be closer to 40%.

The paper also examines the role of general practice in the care of drug misusers and their families. The paper also looks to the future, suggesting that without forward planning all measures will simply react to contain the problem rather than eradicate it. The author notes that there will be no medical solution to the problem as the root of this problem is social and environmental.

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November 1989
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pp. 1486-1489
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