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Crampton, Wendy (2005) An evaluation of a cocaine training programme. Dublin: Merchants Quay Ireland.

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This report documents the evaluation of a cocaine training programme run by Merchants Quay Ireland. The first chapter provides an introduction and background to the cocaine training and the evaluation procedure. The next three chapters focus on the feedback from participants who attended the various courses, presenting expected and actual learning outcomes from the courses, an analysis of further skills, knowledge and training required by participants, and a summary of the participants assessment of the training. The tutors' observations for each course are included. Chapter five reviews the follow-up feedback given by participants a number of weeks after the course, examining the longer term impact of the training on participants in the work-place. Chapter six further explores the impact of the training from the viewpoint of the participant's supervisors or line managers.The final chapter offers conclusions and recommendations as a result of this evaluation.

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Education and training
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Merchants Quay Ireland
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