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National Economic and Social Forum. (2006) Creating a more inclusive labour market. Dublin: National Economic and Social Forum.

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The purpose of this report is to offer practical recommendations to help create more opportunities for vulnerable people to access training, education and find better quality jobs on the labour market. This will mean improved economic outcomes for themselves, their families and society in the future. There is also a strong business case for a more equal and inclusive labour market approach. It will lead to a more productive, higher skilled work force and help in turn to make our firms more competitive with those in other best performing economies1. It will also help sustain our on-going social and economic development by helping to fill job vacancies, particularly at a time when our domestic labour force growth is predicted to fall to 0.5 % annually, compared to 3.5 % annually over the last decade. The OECD have recently highlighted their concern that if our potential labour force supply is not mobilised more fully we are likely to experience a sharp slowdown in economic growth rates compared to recent years2. While higher immigration could boost growth in the short term, it may become increasingly more difficult, and costly, to attract and integrate greater number of migrants as the rest of Europe ages

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