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National Youth Federation. (2004) Dealing with drugs, alcohol and tobacco in youth work settings: guidelines for youth workers. Dublin: Irish Youth Work Press.

PDF (Dealing with drugs, alcohol and tobacco in youth work settings: Guidelines for youth workers.)

These guidelines have been developed with the assistance of a working Group drawn from 10 drugs workers involved in the Community Based Drugs Initiatives (see below) in the five NYF Local Youth Services in the South East: - Carlow Regional Youth Service, Ferns Diocesan Youth Service (Wexford), Ossory Youth (Kilkenny), Tipperary Regional Youth Service and Waterford Regional Youth Service.

The guidelines were developed over a series of meetings and discussions by the Working Group from May 2003 - April, 2004 and most importantly an extensive local consultation process involving staff, volunteers and young people for youth services. The document has also undergone a national consultation process involving both internal and external agencies.

This document provides a framework for developing good practice in dealing with drug related issues on the ground and, via the Appendices that are included, provide the additional source materials, legal information and contacts required to respond in as effective a manner as is possible when faced with dealing with issues of drug use by young people.

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