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Scottish Executive. Information and Statistics Division. (2004) Drug misuse statistics Scotland 2003. Edinburgh: ISD.

External website: https://www.isdscotland.org/Health-Topics/Drugs-an...

Section 1: Draws together data from national data sources and presents information and comment on various topics relating to drug misuse
• Illicit drug use in Scotland
• Drug Injecting, sharing of injecting equipment and infectious diseases
• Variations in patterns of drug misuse by gender and age group
• The early years - pregnancy, education, and children's experience of drug misuse
• Geographic variations in drug-related problems
• Drug use and the levels of demand placed upon health care, treatment and justice system
• Drug misuse and mental health problems

Section 2 Drug information from national data sources
• General acute hospital inpatient statistics
• Psychiatric inpatient statistics
• Information from general practice
• Drug misuse in pregnancy
• Blood-borne viruses
• Drug-related deaths in Scotland
• Scottish Drug Misuse Database
• Prescription statistics
• Criminal justice interventions
• Drug education in schools
• Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle & Substance Use Survey
• Drugs-related offences & proceedings
• Seizures of controlled drugs
• Drug misuse & treatment in scottish prisons

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