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Rathmines Drug Awareness Group. (2001) Drugs, alcohol and youth in Rathmines: report for the Rathmines Drug Awareness Group. Dublin: Rathmines Drug Awareness Group.

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Rathmines has the largest youth population in Dublin 6. The Rathmines Drug Awareness Group (RDAG) was set up to develop a network to provide information on substance abuse. In 2000, the RDAG commissioned research that would quantify the level of illegal drug use in Rathmines. This research was carried out through questionnaires to secondary students; about 75 13 to 14 year olds were asked questions on drug use. Questionnaires were also circulated to clubs and youth groups and fieldwork was carried out at areas where young people drank and socialised. Clients availing of the methadone services at the Satellite Clinic were also interviewed.

The research showed that experimenting with glue and cannabis began between the ages of 11 and 12 and continued through the teens. Sixty-three per cent of the sample had experimented with cannabis, 24% with solvents, with less than 1 in 5 experimenting with ecstasy and LSD. There was minimal use of heroin, cocaine and barbiturates. Fifty-three per cent found cannabis easy to find, with cannabis, ecstasy and solvents perceived as easily obtainable. Ten per cent of the respondents used drugs regularly; with solvents and cannabis the most frequently used drugs. Forty per cent of the sample had used drugs in conjunction with alcohol. This report also outlines the service available for young people in Rathmines, and identifies gaps in services. It also makes a number of recommendations, including the appointment of a youth officer to identify the needs and develop appropriate youth support services for young people in the area.

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