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Merchants Quay Project. (1998) Merchants Quay Project annual report 1997. Dublin: Merchants Quay Ireland.

This report outlines the programmes of the Merchant's Quay Project in 1997. The contact centre creates a safe environment for clients to make contact, where their needs can be assessed and referrals can be made to appropriate services/ agencies. Clients are provided with health services including advice and needle exchange. One of the trends for 1997 was the increase in new clients presenting for needle exchange and that clients tended to be younger with more female clients also attending. The MQP also noticed a dramatic increase in cocaine use among the needle exchange users. The health promotion unit served on average 65 clients per day, with 76% of those male and 24% female. The average age of clients is 24.Heroin remained the primary dug used (92%), and on average clients reported first drug use at 19. The stabilisation services aim to facilitate moving clients from crisis drug use to a more stable lifestyle. In 1997 there were 48 participants on the year long programme, with 14 (29%) completing, 2 (4%) leaving during the third quarter, 15 (31%) leaving during the second quarter and 17 (36%) leaving during the first quarter. The high drop out rate is indicative of the difficulties people have in moving from the chaos of street drug use into a more structured programme. All the participants were unemployed at the commencement of the programme. The residential programme is a detoxification programme, which treated 84 clients in 1997, 70% of whom completed detoxification.

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