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McSorley, Cathy (1997) School absenteeism in Clondalkin: causes and responses. Dublin: Clondalkin Partnership.

Call No:NF2, TN, VH4.2
Pages:54 p.
Publisher:Clondalkin Partnership
Place of Publication:Dublin
Keywords:Clondalkin, early school leaving, family response, Ireland, literacy and illiteracy, sociocultural values, norms, and social control, socioeconomics, student absenteeism
Notes:A study commissioned by the Clondalkin Partnership.
Accession Number:HRB 1464 (Available)
Subjects:N Communication, information and education > Education and training > Educational institution > School
N Communication, information and education > Educational environment (school / college) > Student behaviour and participation
L Social psychology and related concepts > Social context > School context
T Demographic characteristics > Early school Leaver
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland > Dublin
T Demographic characteristics > Student (secondary level)

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