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Byrne, Francis (2002) Blanchardstown Drug Task Force action plan 2001-2005. [Dublin]: Blanchardstown Local Drug Task Force.

PDF (Blanchardstown Drug Task Force action plan 2001-2005)

Blanchardstown Drug Task Force was established in 1997 as one of fourteen Local Drug Task Forces set up to facilitate a more effective response to the drug problem in areas experiencing the highest levels of drug and in particular heroin abuse. In terms of contributing to this overall strategy Blanchardstown Drug Task Force devised and implemented its first drug strategy for the area seeking to co-ordinate all relevant programmes and addressing, through development of a range of new projects and extension of existing projects, identified gaps in service provision. The plan outlined in this document seeks to build on the progress achieved through implementation of aspects of the first action plan (1997 -2000). The emphasis in the development of the 2001-2005 plan was on responding to needs.

The degree to which these needs are met will be determined by how activities help to bring about expected outcomes. The systems approach, which underlies the plan, is described. The task force is identified, in this theoretical context, as the change agent system i.e. the person or group responsible for pursuing the objectives outlined. Essential to this role is the task force's work in maintaining a balanced agenda ensuring integration and co-ordination of services to strategically address the local drugs problem, whilst developing new innovative responses of particular relevance to emerging needs.

The plan organised under the following headings: Process of Development of Plan; Profile of Task Force Area; Progress review in implementing first plan (1997-2000); Extent and nature of the local drug problem; Overview of revised strategy; Specific proposals to address revised strategy; and Summary of actions & preliminary, costing.

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