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Randall, Niamh (2000) Mapping a route from exclusion to integration. Dublin: Merchants Quay Project.

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This report presents a model of reintegration for former drug users based on two years of learning from the Merchant's Quay Project programme 'From Residential Drug Treatment to Employment.' This programme responded to a gap in drugs service provision highlighting the difficulties former drug users experience accessing employment, education and training opportunities once they have achieved a drug free status. The report is structured in ten sections, each dealing with an aspect of the programme. The first sections of the report describe the background to the programme and the role of the Merchant's Quay Project and identifies the links between social exclusion and drug use. Administrative matters, including management structures and admission procedures to the programme, are described. The main elements of the work carried out with participants on the programme are outlined and one section deals specifically with the work of trainers and their role in the rehabilitation process.

The various approaches to dealing with prospective employers of participants in the programme are examined. The impact of the 'From Residential Drug Treatment to Employment' programme on each the following target groups are assessed: former drug users; training providers; and, employers. Programme participants own experiences are recounted and used to illustrate the responsiveness of the programme to specific needs. The final section of the report contains a case study of a similar programme promoted by the University of Surrey.

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