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Morgan, Mark (2003) The Walk Tall programme: an evaluation. Dublin: Social, Personal & Health Education Support Service.

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The Walk Tall Programme was developed and launched in primary schools in Ireland in the 1990s. There were two earlier evaluations. Chapter 1 of the present report summarises these earlier evaluations

The main body of this report is concerned with an outcome evaluation based largely on the perceptions of the teachers who were involved in the Programme. It is concerned with how the Programme fulfilled the main aims that it was intended to achieve, frequency of implementing the Programme, satisfaction with the methodology of the Walk Tall Programme and the associated lesson plans.

Other areas examined including links with other curricular areas, perception of the support service and the perceived need for the Programme. This report also sets out the perceived factors that influenced the implementation of the Programme, the extent to which policies on substance use had been developed in schools as well as providing a breakdown of activity in different Task Force Areas.

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