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Corr, Caroline (2005) Food for thought: a review of the Fáiltiú Food Service. In: Pieces of the jigsaw: six reports addressing homelessness and drug use in Ireland. Dublin: Merchants Quay Ireland , pp. 300-328.

PDF (Food for thought: a review of the Fáiltiú Food Service)

A review of the Fáiltiú Food Service, which operates as part of the Fáiltiú Resource Centre, was undertaken in 2001 to establish whether it was necessary and to investigate what alternatives existed for clients. Management, staff and 50 clients of the service were interviewed. Results showed that 86% of the clients relied on the service, and most used it 4 or 5 times a week; the Sunday Service was seen as important in filling a gap in service provision for homeless people during the weekend.

The service was seen as particularly indispensable to older clients, and was useful in attracting new clients to the centre. It was found to provide food in a safe, clean and welcoming environment. The review found that the service has become increasingly popular and is admirably meeting the needs of homeless people. The study recommends a number of improvements in the organisation, staffing and development of the service to ensure that it meets the nutritional and socialisation needs of both service users and staff.

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