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EuroNPUD. (2023) Peer-to-peer distribution of naloxone. Technical briefing. EuroNPUD.

PDF (Peer-to-peer distribution of naloxone v2)

External website: https://www.euronpud.net/peerled-harm-reduction-1

The key argument for Peer-to-Peer Naloxone (P2PN) is that it is highly effective at driving the distribution of take home naloxone (THN) through the privileged access that provides for the multiple entry points needed to reach both the treatment and non-treatment populations. As the case studies in this Technical Briefing show, peer educators and drug user activists bring a momentum and commitment to the roll out of THN that supports the strategic objective of saturating peer networks with naloxone and the supporting knowledge to manage opioid overdose.

This second edition of the Technical Briefing provides further descriptions of Peer-to-Peer Distribution of naloxone (P2PN) and particularly its application in the COVID-19 pandemic from Portugal, Slovenia and Canada. These showcase the ongoing innovation and value of P2PN in reaching out to people who use opioids even through the constraints of lockdown and restricted services. THN programmes provide access to people who use opioids and those delivering services to this population. P2PN provides for additional strategies and outlets for reaching ensuring that people most affected by overdose have increased access to naloxone.

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