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Krotulski, Alex J and Walton, Sara E and Papsun, Donna M and Fogarty, Melissa F and Logan, Barry K (2023) 4’-Chlorodiazepam – NPS Discovery new drug monograph. United States: Center for Forensic Science Research & Education.

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Description: 4’-Chlorodiazepam is a novel benzodiazepine bearing structural resemblance to diazepam. 4’- Chlorodiazepam is an isomer of diclazepam (2’-chlorodiazepam); the two were resolved during analysis. 4’-Chlorodiazepam was detected for the first time in the United States by our laboratory in May 2023, and the drug was confirmed in October 2023 after acquiring standard reference material. Of note, this case was collected in 2020.

Sample Source: Washoe County Medical Examiner and Coroner, NMS Labs – Toxicology Laboratory

Sample Appearance: Liver Specimen, Gastric Fluid

Pharmacology: The pharmacology of 4’-chlorodiazepam is extensively published in the literature.1,2

Toxicology: 4’-Chlorodiazepam has been detected in one toxicology case at the CFSRE.

Drug Materials: 4’-Chlorodiazepam has not been identified in drug materials to date at the CFSRE.

Demographics / Geographics: The case originated from Nevada.

Legal Status: 4’-Chlorodiazepam is not explicitly scheduled in the United States.

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