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Ireland. Department of the Taoiseach. (2023) Understanding life in Ireland: the well-being framework 2023. Dublin: Government of Ireland.

PDF (Understanding life in Ireland: The well-being framework 2023)

IreIand’s Well-being Framework provides policy-makers and Government with a more holistic way of thinking about how Ireland is doing as a country. It focuses on quality of life, with a particular emphasis on equality and sustainability. It reviews performance across economic, environmental and social issues simultaneously, rather than in isolation. Ireland’s well-being approach consists of eleven dimensions which cover outcomes associated with sustainable quality of life. These are represented by 35 indicators which can be viewed on the CSO dashboard.  The Framework has been informed by two phases of consultation and four research projects. More information can be found on the Well-being Portal.

Executive summary p.3
Introduction p.8
Understanding Life in Ireland: Analysis 2023 p.10
1. Subjective well-being p.10
2. Mental and physical health p.11
3. Income and wealth p.13
4. Knowledge, skills and innovation p.16
5. Housing and the built environment p.18
6. Environment, climate and biodiversity p.20
7. Safety and security p.22
8. Work and job quality p.24
9. Time use p.26
10. Connections, community and participation p.28
11. Civic engagement,trust and cultural expression p.29
Conclusion p.32

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