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Central Statistics Office. (2022) The earnings background of probationers 2014 - 2020. Cork: Central Statistics Office.

External website: https://www.cso.ie/en/releasesandpublications/ep/p...

Key findings:

  • Overall, probationers’ median or mid-point weekly earnings were 30% below those of non-probationers. A probationer’s median weekly earnings were €406 in 2018 one year after receiving probation supervision, compared with €554 for all employees.
  • The median weekly earnings for female probationers from employment (€309) was just under two-thirds of male probationers (€484) in 2020.
  • Probation re-offenders tended to have lower weekly earnings than those who didn’t re-offend. The median weekly earnings of non re-offenders three years after probation were €482 in 2020, compared with the median weekly earnings of €452 for those who re-offended within three years.
  • The Construction sector provided the highest level of employment for probationers (16% of employed probationers in 2020). The median weekly earnings of probationers working in Construction were €606 per week.
  • Looking at sectoral earnings, median weekly earnings were closest between probationers and other employees working in the Accommodation & Food Services sector. Employees in the Accommodation & Food sector in 2020 received median weekly earnings of €329, compared with probationers’ earnings of €319, or 97% of total earnings.

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