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New Zealand Drug Foundation. (2023) Drug checking data report 2022. Wellington: New Zealand Drug Foundation.

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Drug checking is a free and legal process that helps people find out what’s really in their drugs, so they can make informed decisions about if, when and how they take those drugs.


2022 was our first full year as a licensed drug checking provider, and we ran 73 clinics and checked 1720 samples.


MDMA was the most common drug people thought they had - making up 59% of the total. The other most common presumed drugs were amphetamines at 5% (methamphetamine 4%, other amphetamines 1%), cocaine at 5%, ketamine at 4%, LSD at 4% and cannabis at 4%.

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Substances (not alcohol/tobacco), Cannabis, CNS depressants / Sedatives, CNS stimulants, Cocaine
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26 April 2023
12 p.
New Zealand Drug Foundation
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