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Mestre-Bach, Gemma and Granero, Roser and Fernández-Aranda, Fernando and Jiménez-Murcia, Susana and Potenza, Marc N (2023) Independent component analysis for internet gaming disorder. Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, 25, (1), pp. 14-23. doi: 10.1080/19585969.2023.2168135.

External website: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19585...

There is a growing interest in the study of the neurobiological correlates of internet gaming disorder (IGD), and new techniques are beginning to be implemented for this purpose, such as independent component analysis (ICA). The present narrative review aimed to explore the studies that had used ICA for the study of the different brain networks possibly associated with IGD. We specifically focussed on three of the main networks: default-mode network, executive-control and salience networks. Most studies have identified alterations in these three brain networks in individuals with IGD, which may be involved in the development and maintenance of this disorder. More studies are needed to deepen an understanding of the specific role of each in the symptomatology and treatment of IGD.

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International, Open Access, Review, Article
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Behavioural addiction
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Harm reduction, Screening / Assessment
February 2023
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doi: 10.1080/19585969.2023.2168135
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pp. 14-23

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