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The Katherine Howard Foundation. Cleary, Anne and Corbett, Maria and Galvin, Miriam and Wall, Joy (2004) Young men on the margins. Katherine Howard Foundation publication series No. 2 Dublin: Katherine Howard Foundation.

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Young Men on the Margins presents the direct voices of homeless men in Dublin. It highlights how, from childhood onwards, negative economic and social experiences combined at family and community level to create a process where young men moved from living at home to being out-of-home. It draws attention to the absence of appropriate economic and social supports at crucial stages to prevent the drift into homelessness.

Men aged 18-30 tell us about their family relationships and family circumstances, economic deprivation, their experience of the education system, how they cope with homelessness, their experiences of drug-use and associated crime and their hopes to change their lives and integrate into society.

At a broader level, Young Men on the Margins draws together some available data on the experience of marginalisation among men and boys in contemporary Irish society. This includes an exploration of the consequences of social change for men. In particular, changing family structures, male educational participation and performance, the changing nature of work, and changing value systems are considered. This provides a wider context for the understanding of the experiences of homeless men interviewed in the study. The study is of interest to those concerned with improving the well-being and social inclusion of children, families and communities in Ireland. It is also of interest to those concerned with the relationship between gender and social policy. It is of particular relevance in light of Government’s policies such as the National Anti-Poverty Strategy, the National Children’s Strategy and the Youth Homelessness Strategy. This report will be complemented by another on the issue of suicide later in 2005.

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