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Stocco, Paolo and DeFazio, Laura and Carvalho, Marlen and Lopis, Juan Jóse and Facy, Francoise and Mariani, Evelyne and Legl, Thomas and Castillo, Agurtzane and Rebollida, Montse (2002) Women and opiate addiction: a European perspective. Palma de Mollorca: IREFREA.

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1. The quality of drug addiction in women. analysis of the results of the irefrea European study “drug addiction and gender identity”.
2. Opiate addiction: why is the female perspective neglected?
3. Gender oriented treatment in residential long –term therapy.
4. Women, pregnancy and methadone treatment.
5. Drugs, female criminality and detention in Europe.
6. Addiction and gender conditioning. effects of the personality variables.
7. The couple beyond the consumption

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