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Reddy, John and Bamber, John and Connolly, Johnny (2020) Young people at risk: YPAR case study. Dublin: Department of Justice.

PDF (Young people at risk: YPAR case study)

This report presents a case study of the community-based, interagency network, Young People at Risk (YPAR), which is situated in Dublin’s North East Inner City. It outlines the origins of YPAR, and how it has evolved over time in terms of key milestones and major changes. Information about YPAR’s purpose, objectives, structures, and resources, provides the backdrop to YPAR’s current role in supporting and promoting interagency coordination, integration, and leadership for local initiatives. In addressing what is unique or distinctive about YPAR, the case study also sets out the theory of change that underpins the model. It concludes with a brief account of important issues and challenges facing YPAR today, before presenting the lessons and key messages that should be of interest to others supporting and promoting interagency working.

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