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Community Alcohol Detox Project. (2022) Make the change: community alcohol resource manual. Dublin: Ballyfermot, Canal Communities, Dublin 12 and South Inner-City Drug and Alcohol Task Forces.

PDF (Community alcohol resource manual)

External website: https://makethechange.ie/

The Community Alcohol Detox Project is a strategic Drug and Alcohol Task Force project designed to improve the health and well-being of people who have alcohol dependence or are engaged in harmful drinking. The four Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force areas covered by the project are: Ballyfermot, Canal Communities, Dublin 12, and the South Inner City. The manual forms part of the Community Alcohol Detox Framework and is a support document to help people to make changes to reduce their alcohol use and prepare for alcohol detox or treatment programmes.

The Alcohol Reduction Resource Manual has been designed to offer psychosocial, informational support, options, and practical materials to anyone who would like to consider making a change. The manual can be used by people seeking help to make changes to their own drinking behaviour or can be used by people providing support as well as family members and the wider community.

This summary has two purposes:
1. To provide a brief overview of the Alcohol Reduction Resource Manual for the reader.
2. Can be produced as a standalone sheet which can be printed separately from the main document for wider distribution.

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