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[Department of Health] Department of Health prevention and education funding programme. (22 Sep 2022)

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The department is advertising a call for applications to a new funding programme which has been designed to strengthen the prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and the associated harms among children and young people. This funding programme will be open to Drug and Alcohol Taskforces, HSE/Community Healthcare Organisations (CHOs), the community and voluntary sector, and academic bodies.

Funding Programme (Open Call - deadline 11th of November 2022)

This funding programme will support up to five prevention initiatives, up to €100,000 a year, for a period of three years. These will be initiatives for delivery at local level across Ireland and will contain key targets within their deliverables. The funding programme is aimed specifically at introducing effective, evidence-based programmes, or building on current evidence-based initiatives already in Ireland within school, youth work or community-based settings. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction hosts a registry (Xchange) that lists useful and thoroughly evaluated prevention interventions. Applications for funding under this programme are encouraged to cooperate with various other stakeholders. Drug and Alcohol Taskforces, Community Healthcare Organisations (CHOs), the community and voluntary sector, and academic bodies will be eligible to apply to this funding programme. Applicants will need to have a member of their organisation successfully complete the EUPC course within the first year of funding. Applications will also need to meet a standard set of criteria, in order to be considered for award. 

There will be 5 funding streams within the programme.

  • School based: This funding stream will support the implementation of Know the Score for senior cycle SPHE and Healthy Choices for Junior Cycle SPHE and other resources related to substance misuse education supported by the DOH/HSE and DOE. Applications should focus on providing implementation support, as teachers are best placed to deliver substance misuse education in schools as part of the SPHE Programme. Applications will also be welcomed that focus on reviewing implementation levels of Know the Score, how it is viewed by teachers and students, and how it is used by schools
  • General youth: This will be a funding stream that aims to resource prevention and education programmes that are delivered in youth work or community-based settings, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable and/or early school leavers.
  • Family based: Recognising that socialisation begins at home for children, family-based prevention initiatives will be funded by this stream. This will aim to assist parents in improving their skills and to positively influence how children learn their group’s norms, values, attitudes, and behaviours.
  • Environmental prevention: Initiatives under this stream will aim to limit exposure to unhealthy and risky behavioural opportunities and promote the availability of healthier opportunities. This is achieved by modifying the context where the behaviour, such as substance use, takes place in society or in specific places, such as alcohol retailers, public spaces or entertainment venues.
  • Higher Education settings : In this stream, initiatives that aim to tackle substance use, particularly addressing the overestimation of peer use and those that tackle social norms will be considered for this cohort. The publication of the report on Drug Use in Higher Education Institutions published earlier this year, provided comprehensive, and valuable information about drug use amongst those attending 3rd level institutions, participants overestimated the percentage of their peers they believe had used use drugs in the last year; they thought around 60% had used drugs in last year. The actual figure is 37%. 

Deadline The deadline for this call is the 11th of November 2022. Details of where the proposal should be sent to can be found in the application form. 

Assessment criteria Applications will be evaluated based on 6 assessment criteria - more details can be found in the application form.

  • About the Applicants: Demonstrating suitability and experience
  • Project Implementation Plan: Outlining a clear plan for the work,
  • Scientific Quality and Relevance: Ensuring adherence to the evidence base and relevant prevention standards
  • Benefits of the Project: Outputs, deliverables, and outcomes. Including the planned impact on the relevant cohort.
  • Costing of Proposal: A full detailed breakdown of costings, timescales & dependencies.
  • Evaluating, Monitoring and Reporting: Each proposal much include a component which ensures adequate evaluation, monitoring and reporting.

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