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Scottish Drugs Forum Workforce Development Team. (2022) Delivering alcohol, drugs and multiple risk training and workforce development across Glasgow city. Glasgow: Scottish Drugs Forum.

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In early 2021, Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) was awarded the tender to deliver Lot 2 of the Delivery of Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABI) and Alcohol, Drugs and Multiple Risk Training and Workforce Development for NHS GGC Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership on behalf of Glasgow City ADP. This was to “Develop and deliver training and resource support for community-based staff working with children, young people and adults in order to increase their knowledge base and overall confidence levels, for their contribution to alcohol and drug prevention, harm reduction and education, and ability to signpost individuals to appropriate support services."

The outline of the requirements was as follows:
The overall aim of the contract is to support workforce development in relation to reducing the harm caused through alcohol and drug misuse & other risk behaviours (multiple risk). The contract will provide training and support to community-based staff/volunteers working in a variety of settings. The collated evidence base in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Alcohol and Drug partnership Prevention and Education framework highlights that training and ongoing support for key staff members is crucial to ensure services are delivered in an efficient and effective manner and service users receive the services and / or support they require in a timely fashion.

The training contract supports community-based staff working in non-addiction settings such as Health and Social Care, Police Scotland, Education Services, Glasgow Life, Fire Rescue and Safety and Voluntary/Third Sector Organisations to identify and where possible give support to individuals affected by alcohol and drug use. To achieve the contract aim, providers will be required to develop and deliver a co-ordinated alcohol and drug training programme, a multiple risk programme and provide ongoing support for community-based staff. The expected impact of the contract is that staff training and support will:
• Increase staff awareness of alcohol and drug issues, including emerging trends.
• Increase staff knowledge of multiple risk.
• Increase staff knowledge of factual information regarding alcohol, drugs and support organisations.
• Increase staff confidence to signposting people who are experiencing alcohol and or drug issues to local support organisations.
• Increase staff awareness of sources of information and harm reduction advice.

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