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Union of Students in Ireland. (2002) Key statistics: Drugs survey 2002. Dublin: Union of Students in Ireland.

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The research on drug use emerged from a motion passed at USI's Congress 2002 calling for more research into welfare related issues. It was evident that the drugs issue was one that had not been addressed by the organisation in recent years and this prompted officer board to commission research on this area. Primarily the research sought to ascertain the proportion of students who had experimented with illegal drugs, who currently take drugs and the type of drugs they take. It sought to identify the first drug students took and what drugs students are taking at the present time.

The research explores the nature of students' drug use. It focuses on the types of drugs being used and the frequency of the drug use. It also addresses students' attitudes to the controversial debate regarding the decriminalisation of soft drugs such as cannabis. It seeks to uncover the general
opinion regarding the adequacy of information about drugs. Another issue covered in the questionnaire is the source of drugs. Students were asked who introduced them to drugs and
where they obtained their drugs.

The research also addresses the proportion of drug taking students surveyed who desired to cease their drug taking behaviour. It explores the reasons why they wish to stop taking drugs and the types of supports they consider to be necessary in order to assist them in this process. It also
identifies the reasons why former drug taking students stopped taking illegal drugs.

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