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Doyle, Anne (2021) Video 6 – Alcohol use, harm and policy in Ireland. Midlands Science.

External website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yKHuB_K3aQ

Science Communities was an outreach project run by Midlands Science in late 2021 that was funded by Science Foundation Ireland. Through a series of public forums, it provided a way for people to understand the scientific process, explore how evidence is generated and how we can use a scientific mindset to make decisions in our lives. We have taken this series of forums and developed 12 individual videos covering a range of topics including food, mental health, medication, vaccines and health choices. These 12 videos are suitable for TY students, students in senior cycle and members of the general public. 

Video 6 (recorded on September 22nd, 2021) – Alcohol use, harm and policy in Ireland 

About the Speaker: Anne Doyle is a Research Officer in the Health Research Board. Anne works as an alcohol researcher which involves updating national alcohol surveillance figures and providing the Department of Health with information about the alcohol situation in Ireland to inform decision-making. 

Topics Covered: Alcohol use, alcohol misuse, harm and policy implications for research on alcohol use in Ireland. How we drink, how much we drink, the consequences of this drinking and the affect alcohol has on the body.

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