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Making Every Adult Matter Coalition. (2022) Making funding work for people facing multiple disadvantage. London: Making Every Adult Matter.

PDF (Making funding work for people facing multiple disadvantage)

This report explores the way in which UK national funding streams are made available to local areas to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping, substance misuse, mental health and criminal justice. Such funding streams are important and welcome. They are delivered by committed teams of civil servants and create positive impact for many people. However, the way in which government funding streams are traditionally designed, offered, coordinated and monitored can limit the collective impact they have for people facing multiple disadvantage. In many cases, funding streams are not helping local areas to create long-term changes to the way that services and systems work for people facing multiple disadvantage, or to address the underlying problems that cause people to experience the issues that the funding streams seek to address. This report considers the views of local areas across the MEAM Approach and Fulfilling Lives networks, with a focus on the national funding streams that have been made available over the last 18 months.

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