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Chew, Peter K H (2021) A meta-analytic review of Internet gaming disorder and the Big Five personality factors. Addictive Behaviors, 126, p. 107193. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2021.107193.

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Two systematic reviews have been conducted to summarize the literature on Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) and personality. However, the data was not synthesized statistically, imposing a limit to their conclusions. The current study aimed to extend on the two reviews by conducting a series of five meta-analyses, one for each of the Big Five personality factors, to examine their relationships with IGD. A comprehensive search was conducted on the databases PsycArticles, PsycInfo, and Web of Science from inception to 29 July 2021. The data was analyzed using Meta-Essentials and the random effects model was used to obtain the pooled estimate of the effect size. A total of 12 articles were included (n = 145 to 3389). IGD was not significantly correlated with openness to experience (r = -0.05). However, IGD was negatively correlated with conscientiousness (r = -0.29), extraversion (r = -0.15), and agreeableness (r = -0.17), and positively correlated with neuroticism (r = 0.20). Age moderated the relationships between IGD and openness to experience and conscientiousness. The results were broadly consistent with the DSM-5 IGD criteria and the Big Five personality framework. Future research directions might include examining age as moderator variables, and using appropriate instruments based on the DSM-5 IGD criteria.

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26 November 2021
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doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2021.107193
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p. 107193
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